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Image Capture Utility in ChannelManager

Dear Hotelier,

Greetings from

We have built into Channelmanager, Image Capture which allows you to take 4 images all at once of checkin. All you have to do is purchase some web cams, connect them into your computer and click 1 button this "Capture Image" will open up the image boxes and by clicking the button it will save the images into your Channelmanager. We have been testing it at our Property, using it to take two images of Guests, one camera looking down on guests passport/drivers licence and one out side of the car number plates.

You can go back at any time and look a files and the images will be there for future reference.

The reason for creating this facility is because there is more credit card fraud occurring these days. Some guests even go to the trouble of going back to their bank and putting in a disputed transaction claim and the bank will take the funds straight out of your account so the more evidence you have to prove guests have stayed at your property the better. Also its very important when guests check in that you get a proper signed registration form. And evidence of the guests stay as if you do not have signed registration form the bank will just take the money out of your account.

The only cost to make this work on your Channelmanager is the cost of the web cams. I see lots of them on Ebay at around $6-00 to $20-00, most people can set it up them selves but if you need help from our support team (Support charges: $20 per hour) it would require the Support Team to log onto your computer using Remote Desktop Software remotely.

Colin and Jeanette Hatcher